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History is the story of the past. It is the story of people, The Census; The Irish Times; The Mona Lisa; History text book; The GPO. Where do we find sources?. History of the USA. Christopher Columbus discovered America in He thought that he came to India so he called the people who lived there Indians. Jan Charles Babbage. English inventor; ; taught math at Cambridge University; invented a viable mechanical computer equivalent .

3 Sep CCOT Change and continuity – What has changed and what has stayed the same across the historical periods covered in this course. The History of the Internet. Three Major Players in Internet History. Early Innovations. The creation of the Internet is dependent on mankind's earlier innovations. We have a good idea of the history of the continents over the past million years. Based on: Paleomagnetic studies: positions of continents with respect to the.

The History of the United Kingdom. by Ave Arak and Epp Jürisson. Supervisors: T .Pukk and Viljandi C.R Jakobson Gymnasium. Introduction. The History of Computers. Visual Basic 1. What are computers? The first computers were people! That is, electronic computers (and the earlier mechanical. History. Pre the very first electronic computers. valves and relays; no OS; single program with dedicated function. Pre stored program valve. Introduction and History of Insurance. Introduction and History of As history progressed, the need for insurance increased. The Phoenicians and Greeks used. Sporting History. Fantastic Facts. Sporting History. The original Olympic games were a religious ritual honouring the god, Zeus. Sporting History. Surfing was a.

ANCIENT HISTORY OF MEDICINE. Jonathon Erlen, Ph.D. Medicine was developed to combat the problems of diseases and wounds. Campbell Thompson. Microsoft PowerPoint (or simply PowerPoint) is a presentation program, created by Robert 1 History. Creation at Forethought (–); Acquisition by Microsoft (–); Part of Microsoft Office (since ); Sales and . A brief history of money. Where all begins. - BC: Money and banking originates in Babylonia out of the activities of temples and palaces which. The reason why I choose to research about The History of The Automobile is because my interest in cars. I've been interested in cars for a while, so I thought it .


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